Listening is the core skill to learning

Regardless of your CMS, programming language or company size if you take away just one thing from this entire debacle, let it be this: Listening is the core skill to learning.

It is kinda sad to see all the enterprise-usage type people not help out n core and get involved with the direction.
Andrea R,

We tried Andrea. We tried for years.

We went to WordCamps, We went to WordUps. We went to MeetUps. We wrote articles. We wrote editorials. We provided PoCs. We commented on your blogs. We gave input on Trac. In the end, the abuse and distain we received for not being sycophantic became too much. One by one, we left.

Spot the difference

Don’t listen to the Vocal Minority, even when they’re right
Westi, Automattic Employee, WordPress Core Committer.

How can we “help out”, when we’re faced with this?

Compare that to this from the creator of Drupal and CTO of Acquia

I would love to see more people make comparisons with other competitors and share migration stories. Like that, we can learn and become better across the board. Dries Buytaert:

Listening is the core skill to learning.

At the 2 Drupal camps I attended last year people debated my content; at Joomla meet-ups they asked me questions; but at 3 WordPress meetings they debated whether they liked me as a person.

If you want to continue learning and get help from “enterprise-usage type people” then sometimes you have to listen to the jerks in the room, even if they’re jerks!