The results are in…

I want to first congratulate Steve Purkiss and Donna Benjamin on their new positions as Director at Large for the Drupal Association. Both are wonderful dedicated people and will do a great job. I wish the best of luck to both of you.

Dish and Dishonesty

blackadder 3rd
If you want something done right, kill Bladrick before you start

I was originally going to call this post “Losing in a Rotten Borough”, but I wasn’t too sure who would full get the funny side of the BlackAdder III reference.

That said, I’m a truly disappointed in finishing 9th out of 10 candidates.

For the people, by tthe people…

• Only 0.21% of the Drupal community that were eligible to vote actually did so.
• Only 2.82% of the Drupal community that were eligible to vote visited the Association website during the 8 days of the election.
• Only 8.37% of the Drupal community that were eligible to vote AND had visited the Association website during the 8 days of the election, actually did so.

That is a shockingly low number.


This number doesn’t count anyone in the Drupal Community who hadn’t physically posted on the website in the last year, regardless of how long they have been a member or how involved they are in the Drupal community.

While I’d never force them to vote for me none of my colleagues in my agency nor at my current main-client were eligible to vote, even though 14 of them have been DO members for over a year (most over 4 years).


less than 0.1% of the Drupal community voted.

What the Deuce (yes, kids read this)

To be absolutely clear

I do not in any way think this was a fix, and nor do I think there was anything untoward going on.

Both Steve and Donna are deserved winners, I just think it shows a real flaw in the whole process.

A Question of Sport

But you know what’s really sitting uneasy with me. The QA process.

# Name Answered all Questions Answered any questions % of quesitons answered Gave personal into Gave summation Country Edited Wiki Page
1 Steve Purkiss Yes Yes 14 Yes Yes UK Yes
2 Donna Benjamin Yes Yes 14 Yes Yes Aus Yes
3 Niccholas Rodriguez Vidal No Yes 8 Yes Yes Brazil Yes
4 Jingsheng Wang No No 0 No No China No
5 Todd Tomlinson No No 0 Yes No US No
6 Matthew Connerton No No 0 Yes No US Yes
7 Stephanie Victoria Hosny No Yes 9 Yes No UK Yes
8 Ryan Cross No No 0 No No Aus No
9 Kevinjohn Gallagher Yes Yes 14 Yes Yes ? Yes
10 R.J. Townsend No No 0 No No US No
  • Only 3 candidates answered all public questions asked of them.
    They finished 1st, 2nd and 9th respectively.
  • 5 of the candidates didn’t answer ANY of the questions.
    4 of them finished above me.
  • 3 candidates didn’t even write an intro.
    2 of them finished above me

I know that I’m not the most likeable son of a gun, but that table seems very very weird.

Was it that the Questions and Answers made no difference?
Or did people not like what I had to say?

Does not Compute !

Maybe it’s my own desire to put things in order that’s the issue here. I was in contact with both Steve and Donna during the election to wish them luck as I really appreciated the effort and love both of them put in. To me, they are worthy winners; even if I was personally wishing for both myself and Todd Tomlinson to get in.

Either way, I hope that my participation and comments, and indeed my manifesto, can highlight some gaps in the current and Drupal Associaiton. While I won’t be there to help move them forward, like the end of Labyrinth, should I be needed, I am only an e-mail away…

if you need me
If you need me
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