Pure Web Brilliant’s plugin framework released

It is with great pleasure that I announce the (imminent) release of the Pure Web Brilliant plugins for WordPress that made up a large part of our “EnterPress” offering.

This is really huge for me personally, as I’ve been stuck between a rock and hard place since Pure Web Brilliant decided to stop using WordPress as it’s go-to CMS.

Wordpress has (not?) left the building…

The very mention of the phrase “WordPress” still causes some tension in the office, since we’re not fans of physical threats and ddos attacks because of a business decision to support another CMS for our clients; so I want to go on record in thanking my colleagues for getting over their initial “they can take a long walk off a short pier” mindset.

I also really want to thank many of our current and past clients, who were (mostly) happy to negotiate changes in the licence of our past work so that we could make it open source.

Open Source Licensing

With just a small outlay of cash to buy back some old code, roughly 20% of our plug-in library is now fully GPLv3 compliant. My hope is that we can take that up to about 50% by the time WordCampUK comes around in July without taking a huge hit.

( Yes, we’re still sponsoring WordCampUK, just like we’re sponsored the British Drupal Association day in Brighton last week, and talking at Joomla’s “J and Beyond” )

I have no idea if a GPL3 licence will be good enough for the WP.org repository, as that in theory requires a GPLv2 compatible licence – but these are relatively small obstacles to overcome. If there’s still bad blood about us moving our business away from WordPress, or if the licensing isn’t compatible, I’ll be hosting the plug-ins here from next week.

Bluntly, I don’t want to pole-vault over mouse-shit when there’s dinosaur-droppings infront of me, but I can’t wait to release these; regardless of the WordPress community’s past misdemeanours.

Halo effect

Deep Down, this is a conscience clearing exercise for me.

I love Open Source, both in the premise and (for the most part) the execution, and am proud that Pure Web Brilliant has long been a contributor to OSS projects.

As we moved to more large scale, distributed and Enterprise-level clients, so too did more of our custom code move to different licence restrictions. I’ve always been proud that circa 90% of our code is under an Open Source licence – but that doesn’t mean that it’s been GPLv2 compatible (the only one accepted by WordPress).

The releasing of our code will allow me to contribute back to the WordPress community without impacting either our clients nor my colleagues that have grown tired of the fanboys and blinkered childishness.

Plug-in List

Without further adieu, the plug-in list:

  • PWB: base framework plug-in
  • Open Graph output
  • Capital_P_issoff
  • MMO Tooltips
  • Copyright / left control
  • Mobile Output
  • Body tagging
  • Flush Redirect control
  • Redirect Control
  • HTML HTML wrapper
  • Favicon control
  • Choose JavaScripts
  • Meta Controls
  • Application controls
  • URL parser
  • Admin bar control
  • Ptwoot
  • Copy/Paste control
  • Better Footnotes
  • Bibliography
  • Image quote quotes
  • Database call control
  • Caching control
  • Get_better_template_part.
  • Easy CDNing
  • Plug-in to Plug-in Dependancies
  • Plug-in to Theme dependancies
  • Launchpad
  • Browse Freely
  • Social Engagement Escalator
  • My Voice Is My Password Authenticate Me
  • DB Pain Points
  • Accessibility Liar Liar Pants on Fire