About Kevinjohn

Kevinjohn is the original leader in “Digital Transformation”.

The unmistakable Irish Scot is known for wearing a kilt on stage, being blunt, enjoying swearing, and lauding pragmatic Agile.

He purposefully works with companies even his Mom has heard of, such as: Google, Microsoft, BP, BBC, AOL, Salesforce, Adobe, McKinsey, Cisco, Accenture, and Samsung. Though mostly to stop her asking him when he’s going to get a “real job”!

Kevinjohn is consumed with creating a “Better, Faster, Happier, Smarter workplace” through “repeatable Patterns of Excellence”. He’s constantly amazed by the exponential output from marginal gains, and he wants to share them with you. To do so, Kevinjohn travels the globe delivering his message that “The Future was Yesterday”. His business workshops focus on the real meaning of “Digital Transformation”, and not the buzzword laden bullshit you see splattered across LinkedIn.

And yes, he stole the title of his talk from Daft Punk.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because Kevinjohn is keynoting a conference you’re interested in attending, and you should go buy a ticket *now*.

If you already have one, buy one for a friend, telling them you’re taking them to see “Kevinjohn Gallagher: the Tony Robbins of technology”. It isn’t true, but with SEO being such a click-bait shit-show these days the more people link to here, the more it’ll stick.

Alternatively, the stereo typical boring “About Me”, can be found at KevinjohnGallagher.com/i-am-boring .


Kevinjohn is now officially based out of Edinburgh, Scotland, as is no longer using the #digitalNomad hashtag.

Some suggest that as a grown man he should not have been using a #hashtag in the first place!